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Why A Wedding Planner

Your wedding is just too important and special for you to plan and organize everything on your own. Leave it to The Wedding Project to offer creative ideas, making recommendations, negotiate a good deal and making sure all the minor details are well taken care of.

Dennis Yap PhotographyPhoto by Dennis Yap Photography

A wedding planner is the one person who can bring your dream wedding to pass – and save you time, money and stress. Not only you can have a peace of mind, you can spend much more time with whats more important; your family, friends and your spouse himself/herself!

Hire A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners aren’t just for celebrities, though we do like to give you star treatment. Here are 10 great reasons to hire a wedding planner to manage your day.

1. I want a stress-free wedding.
2. I have 6 months or less to plan my day.
3. My partner and I both work full-time.
4. I don’t want to spend hours researching suppliers.
5. I want to get the ‘best price’ on all my services.
6. I need inspiration to pull together a ‘theme’.
7. I’m planning a destination wedding.
8. I need help sticking to a budget.
9. Everyone has an opinion, but I need an expert with the right view.
10. I don’t want to worry about covering off all the details (especially on my wedding day itself).


So in short, The Wedding Project can save you time, money and a lot of stress, transform your dreams into reality and ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day really does exceed all expectations.