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The internet saw how Jared romantically proposed to Marianne with a 15ft high bush beside him overlooking the sunset (we were kidding about the height) but we were lucky enough to be standing by their side planning the beginning of their happily ever after!

The journey was incredible for us to say the least. The journey started with us planning their ROM. A year after he proposed, the couple was legally married on the very same day.

  From securing the venue, picking the perfect caterer to selecting Marianne’s gown, the couple fully entrusted their big day on our expertise. Understanding their busy schedule, the last couple of months took a stretch what with Marianne’s movie Ola- Bola premiering and Jared flying to many countries for his work. With things like which canapés to serve to how will their guests would arrive, the team and the couple went on a wedding roller coaster ride with much anticipation! On the day of the wedding, forecast told us weather was going to be a downpour and that prepared us for plan B, but as we saw, the skies were clear and the clouds were just enough to shade everyone from the sun. Needless to say, the little fans that were made by us helped cooled guests too.


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The exchange of vows as you’ve heard here were indeed tear jerkers but guests got to usher the newlyweds out with little rainbows of bubbles prepared.


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With all wedding registration, the counter chaos swiftly ensued but the bridal party were quick to handle things with a designated registration coordinator from our end. The dinner was decorated as we planned it to be, simple yet enough to enhance the ambience of the place with light bulbs.


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The cute little door gifts from the couple by


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The parents of Jared smiling from ear to ear.


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The Wedding Project is honored to assist with the beginning of their happily ever after! Jared & Marianne, wishing you an abundance of happiness as you journey together as husband and wife!


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