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Greg & Elyse

We love our couples! Especially when they’re as sweet as Greg & Elyse! It was a yes let’s do this, no we unfortunately can’t and finally a yes by our lovely couple for us to come on board as their wedding decoration. All the way from UK, the couple made our communication clear and precise when they gave us such detailed explanation to what they required. Have a look at the end results below for their wedding ceremony & dinner reception!

Greg and Elyse tied the knot very early in the year, celebrating their union in Pantai Baptist Church and The Ritz-Carlton KL for their dinner reception. We stepped in as decorators for this couple, and we must say, the highlight of the decor would be the cake table decoration we did for their church ceremony, with hanging lanterns and paper streamers forming a circular feature area instead of a flat backdrop. As for their dinner reception, playing with the existing circular table at Ritz-Carlton, we spruced things up with a him-her photo album corner starting with one on each side and joining together as a couple, with their years of courtship and the joining of matrimony today.

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