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The Winning Oscar Goes To…


Getting to know these two from the start was easy, it always was comfortable talking and to them, understanding their needs, requirements and the vision of their wedding. The entire wedding day was packed with the bride redemption and church ceremony in the morning, and the dinner reception at night.

Amidst all the wedding theme research during wedding planning, the couple decided that their wedding would be like a movie premiere. Movie tickets were converted into invitations (with the Oscars dress code), a “now showing” entrance complete with maroon drapes; common curtain colours at the movies or oscars, and a “lighted” up signage on the top, and to add on to that there was a popcorn cart (that came with little personalised Diana & Kenneth cups) for guests to enjoy before or during the movie premiere.


It was an enjoyable journey with Diana & Kenneth , the couple was easy-going, and helped us majorly when it came to making decisions. I remember at the beginning of the planning stage, when sorting out the church ceremony, Diana was a little concerned with the uncertainties of 1)the venue, 2) the procedures of the church, despite all that, the couple managed to solemnize their marriage in a sweet and intimate church ceremony at Luther Centre. A contrast to the dinner reception theme, initially with navy blue and pink which was switched to navy blue and yellow to suit their parent’s wishes.

All in all, a job well done to the team, we even managed to snag the couple for a quick photo in front of the entrance.

Congratulations once more Diana & Kenneth! May you two have a sweet and loving life together!