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Aisle Talk

What an exciting time it was for us at The Wedding Project! Partnering with WMVMT, we planned and organized our very first Aisle Talk to couples about to start their happily ever after!

With less than a month to prepare and plan out everything, the team got to work and started envisioning how we wanted the workshop to be. Starting the afternoon with Wedding Planning 101, we got the couples to share with each other what were some of their visions like for their wedding and what was important to them. We even got them to share with their partner how involve they could be with or without the help of a planner. Real questions any couple should be talking about if they haven’t already!

From then we went on to what’s a good timeline to plan your wedding? We advise a year so you could spread out the items nicely between juggling your day job and planning the wedding. But we the help of a planner, we’ve done weddings (even outstation ones) in 8 weeks before!

Coming back to topic, we shared with couples some of the vendors they could possibly be engaging, like guest transportation for example and even gave them an idea of what the day/night’s agenda would look like. *Tip: Don’t try and squeeze it everything. Remember you will be the one your guests want to take pictures with and there are only so many speeches your guests can take until their voice drowns out the person on stage (yikes).

With the general view of what planning will be like, we took a break with our couples and got to know them a little more, and even got to advise them personally on their planning journey.

After which the fun part started! The Wedding Styling bit! Tips were given on how to choose their wedding theme and we also gave couples the do’s and don’ts if couples are planning to do their own wedding decoration.

The workshop ended with some DIY activities lined up for the couples. The first was trying their hands on making their own corsages and wristlets. From a long stem sticking out to crinkly floral tapes (mostly by the men hehe) couples got to share the activity with their SO and probably left with an understanding of why florist charge the price they do 😉 The second activity we got the couples doing was making their own confetti. Trying their hand with the works of cutting papers in any shape and sizes they wanted, we specially prepared and ready-to-fold container they could take home.

All in all, we planners enjoyed ourselves very much and with such encouraging feedback provided by the couples that attended, we were sure this wasn’t going to be the last workshop we’d do! So stay tune and keep your eyes peeled to our social media!

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