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About Us

The idea of The Wedding Project was birthed when the owners got engaged! Like every little girl, we dream of big romantic weddings with all the fun details for our guests so that everyone can have a great time celebrating love without a worry in the world! A patch of roses without a hitch on the road!


In reality, even roses have got thorns that cannot be avoided. All weddings will have its own shares of thorns and its just a pain in the neck, which we aim to help you overcome. The wedding experience for the couple is important to us. Leave all the fussing of details and last minute stress to us. Our biggest reward is the knowing that we have delivered a dream-come-true for the couple and a night to remember for your guests.

You deserve to be pampered and blissful on your wedding day. We, The Wedding Project will assist you in your preparation for this joyous once-in-a-lifetime occasion so that you and your partner can enjoy and reminisce this day until the rest of your lives. Don’t risk and stress yourself out on the most important day in your life. Leave it to the professionals. We promise to deliver the beginning of your happily ever after…

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