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Why Choose The Wedding Project

Head of Details
Whether you’ve just started planning or are nearing the end of this chapter, you know there are a LOT of details surrounding your wedding. We’re going to take all of your details and expertly simplify, organize and manage them. We’re going to make sure all of your bases are covered (Does the DJ need a table? What about the photographers gluten allergy? And did you remember to get chairs for your ceremony musicians?) and we’re going to be your new favorite people to email when you’re completely lost, confused or just need some guidance

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Worry Remover
The last thing we ever want any of our couples to do is worry. You have enough “life events” going on that you should not be worrying about every decision you make. “Is this vendor reputable?”, “Is the shuttle picking up the guests early enough to be on time for the ceremony?”, and “How much alcohol and ice should we buy?” are no longer things that you need to worry about. We’ll get you quick answers (really quick) with thorough and clear explanations on why it’s a good or bad decision. And when you just need to vent, we’ll be there, too.

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Magic Maker
We’re big fans of Harry Potter, but we didn’t have to go to Hogwarts to make our magic happen. (bummer) Instead, we work our tails off to learn every little detail about you, your partner, your guests and your wedding. We know every element you have planned, so the day of your wedding, we’ve got you covered. We’ll know your vision, we’ll know your priorities and we’ll know exactly how you want everything – and then we’ll make it happen. All while you’re busy getting ready, dancing around to Michael Bublé and squealing with excitement every few minutes.

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